Burger King Potato Chips???

I just read in a MediaPost newsletter that linked to a USA Today article about Burger King launching a line of Potato Chips this fall. One is a Kethup and Fries flavor, the other is a Flame Broiled Burger Potato Chip. This scares and excites me at the same time. Personally I am not much of a fan of Burger King in the first place. Yes the Whopper is a good burger, but I’m not much into burgers these days. You can only watch “Fast Food Nation” and eat so many burgers afterwards. (maybe one a month) So, to hear that they are expanding into even more processed food arenas is not good, considering that in order to make a profit on really cheap food apparently it has to be manufactured and processed in China these days. So, the quality of something like fast food potato chips can’t be good from the outset.

The marketing side of my brain is a little excited though. I have run across flavored potato chips in Canada and other parts of the world that don’t exist here and I think they’re great. Why we only buy barbeque, sour cream & onion, cheddar and plain potato chips in Chicago or in the USA doesn’t really make sense. I have tried pickle flavored chips and ketchup flavored chips. The Herrs Ketchup ones were FANTASTIC!! I love anything vinegary so I guess that was a good flavor for me. So, maybe this Burger King idea that they are copying from the Canadians and bringing to the USA is good after all. Maybe it will get Lays, Jays, Ruffles and all the other potato chip brands to add more interesting flavors to their products. We like new things, remember, the US economy and marketing are all about what’s new. Nothing can bring us out of a recession like something innovative and new to buy. So bring on the new chips!!


One thought on “Burger King Potato Chips???

  1. i’m writing from Argentina. I have a celiac child and i want to know if this potatoe chips are free of gluten. thank you.

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