W00T!! Shopping Site

My favorite new shopping site is woot!! They have one item featured of the day and it is at a rock bottom price and when it’s gone, it’s gone. So people buy fast! It’s a feeding frenzy because people know they won’t be able to find it anywhere else. And they feature everything from technology and computer stuff, to household and kitchen appliances to some really weird stuff. It is entertaining even if you aren’t buying anything. I am hooked now on looking to see what the new items will be and seeing what the prices are.

I am not really in the market for most of what they sell, so it is mostly entertainment for me, although I do know people who have bought things there before and been very happy with it. What I wonder, is how long this can keep up with new sites I discover every day? I wonder how all these new small sites can keep an audence and sell enough to stay in business? It just seems like there are more than any one person can keep track of now. I guess that’s why we have google right?


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