Postful from email to snail mail – reversed

postful, image, logo, letter, internet, send, print, mail, emailI heard about this new site called postful, that turns your emails into printed letters and then they mail them out for you. What a cool fun thing I thought… Even though it is exactly the opposite and reverse process that the Internet has spawned for most daily communication. The thing is, that there are always exceptions to the rule. The Internet and email are not always the best fit for every type of communication or to every person.

Take for example my relatives. Most of them are not computer literate, and don’t do email. Emailing them something and then having it arrive by mail would be a better option for family type correspondence. This would also work for business contacts. An email think you after an interview or sales call is nice, but isn’t a mailed letter really the proper thing to do and what impresses them the most? I would use this to mail thank you letters out for a miriad of reasons. How about thank you letters for wedding gifts? Hey you just eliminated a lot of time on licking stamps with that one.

All in all I think it is important to remember that not everyone is the same in their needs and sometimes there is a profitable business reversing a new and popular technology service.


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