When Insults Had Class?

The Angry Aussie posted a list of quotes yesterday that were from notable people in history and were put downs intended to insult someone. It was his list of quotes that illustrated how literary and political figures would seperate the differences of opinion that they had from the person themself. Today he says, the insults and “haters” attack his blog and others in a personal and vile way that does not hold to any standard of morals, education or respect. And he is right for the most part. One of the reasons I say anonamous on this blog is to avoid personal attack online or offline. I want to be able to freely express my opinions and post what I want without the fear of unjustified personal attack.  

Why do people go to such extremes with their views and their hatred these days? And why to they think that it is acceptable that they can attack people in such extreme ways? They have no decency or respect for basic humankind anymore.

Is this because our politicians lead by example by directing their campaigns at the extreme right or left (base?) of their party and engage in mudslinging matches that are not only personally hurtful, they are intended to be career ending for the opponent.

Or is it because kids are not disciplined or repermanded in school or by parents as much anymore and engage in free wheeling bullying of other kids? (and sometimes the parents) They learn at an early age that it’s “no holds barred” in getting what you want in life even if what you want is to physically or emotionally hurt someone?

Or is it because the internet allows people to express their opinions in an instantaneous knee jerk reaction before thinking about the consequences?

Or possibly it is because people see on in the businesses where they work every day, that the most aggressive people who do the most severe things get what they want and succeed in getting jobs, promotions, money, popularity and other success by those less than admirable means. People learn by example, and working for the type of cuthroat companies that exist today (most profit, least expense possible, no thought about hurting consumers or employees) people are bound to pick up that highly contagious MBA disease that causes these actions without any working knowledge of the situation.

Overall, it does seem like ideas like “agree to disagree” and “diplomatically work things out” are dead. At least in government, business and community. What about in your family?


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