Does Google control your business?

google logo, control your business, search algorithmEveryone has been up in arms since stated that after the last search algorithm tweak at the beginning of August, their search engine traffic has dropped by 28%. This is a necessary risk in today’s world when so many people use search engines to find things on the web and the overwhelming majority use Google. So if you do depend on Google for the majority of your traffic and possibly your conversions and sales, how can you keep in good standing with them? No one really knows, and in an effort to make sure no competitors ever get their algorithm or spammers figure out the secret sauce, they won’t tell how to make a “good” page or site for their serps. So can you really ever rely on Google then? In all honesty I don’t think so. I think it should only be one method of online marketing you rely on. What other traffic and sales drivers should you have online? Email newsletters are still huge drivers of traffic and keep people interested in your content on your site on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Banner ads also keep your brand and product top of mind. Links in directories and with affiliate programs do the same, but hopefully with some relevance. And of course you should always be refreshing content to make sure people want to come back to see what is next. RSS feeds of your content fed directly to your visitors and contests and promotions to keep things exciting help also. And don’t forget the power of good PR. This weekend while I was up early to feed my cat, I saw a guy pitching his web site on the Saturday morning NBC 5 News. He got them interested and they did a segment on because it was local and relevant to their viewers. It is always good to remember the fundamentals of marketing and advertising that existed pre-google, because you will need them post-google in the future too.


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