Geek Speak T-Shirts with flair

tshirtsMany of us geeks share the special sense of humor among us. (there are different types of geeks though) Do you know what W00t means? Do you speek in leet? Do you wear t-shirts from Think Geek? Do you still watch The Princess Bride on VHS?  Well if you do, there is a new site I ran across that you might like. It is Tees with a Twist, and they have a lot of custom T-Shirts that have sayings from sci-fi movies, politics, satire, goth, pagan, counter culture, horror films, emo and geek speak.


Which is pretty cool for someone like me who hangs out with techies and reads Scoble, Silicon Valley and Tech Crunch every day. Long live the geeks! We shall inherit the earth (eventually).


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