Virgin America Airlines – Virgin Atlantic & Galactic

virgin americaVirgin Atlantic and Galactic have been one of the many flashy advertising blitzed companies that (Sir) Richard Branson has launched and made successful. The red and white logo, the modern decor and the cutting edge promise of space flight all propelled him into the spotlight and news with these businesses. Now he is taking on America with Virgin America airlines. Will the same marketing formula work here? This new airline’s first route will be between Los Angeles International (LAX) and San Francisco International (SFO). With airline fuel prices soaring, more airlines in the market that can be supported by customers, and ever increasing pressure to make profits by investors, insurance costs through the roof, customer complaints at an all time high and an aging air fleet with stagnant technology, the airline business is not one I would want any part of these days. Why on earth is he trying to conquer this market with glitz and glamour? It just doens’t make a lot of sense.


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