Indecision 2008

indecision 2008, jon stewart, the daily showThe Indecision 2004 site and DVD was a huge success for Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. Now they have gotten the ball rolling on the new site for the 2008 election: Indecision 2008. Politicians never used to like these satirical make fun of the news shows, and would avoid them. Until Al Gore went on SNL and owned it. Then more politicans found out that a large percentage of people get their news from these shows that mock the news, and found that even though they would get mocked, it would be good for their image and a way to reach voters that were not watching the other media where they were speaking. So, there are reports now of all the politicians lining up to be on The Daily Show, and wanting to be mocked on TV. What a difference a few years makes. Who would have thought that a comedy show like this would be a sought after place for politicians to market themselves?


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