Olympic Sponsorships

2008 olympicsEarlier this week I blogged about GM choosing not to renew their sponsorship of the Olympics past the Bejing Olympics in 2008. Today it is announced that Bank of America will be sponsoring the US Olympic Team in Bejing in 2008. This brings to light that there are many levels at which to get into the marketing blitz called the olympics. There is everything from being an Official Olympic Sponsor (several levels of sponsorship are available, some costing 100’s of Millions of Dollars) to Sponsoring your home team, (like BOA did) to buying media across the national telecast on NBC, to buying media in your local market, to doing an Olympic Themed promotion for your company. You could spend anywhere from $5,000 to $5 Billion dollars to cash in on Olympic Fever. It all just depends on what your company does, how much money you want to spend and how good you can get at creating a creative or logical tie in. One hopes that the US does well in these Olympics in Bejing in 2008, because a lot of the success of these campaigns depends on it. If the atheletes are not doing well of winning medals, viewership goes down and people go about their daily lives ignoring the Olympics. If they win though, we get a great sense of country pride along with a lot of ad dollars well spent.


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