The Bourne Ultimatum, Movie Box Office Success

bourne ultimatumThe Simpsons Movie has been one of this summer’s movie success stories with more box office ticket sales than one would expect for a TV show that is a cartoon and has been around for 20 years. Soon to surpass this is The Bourne Ultimatum, which is the 3rd movie in a series of 3 where Matt Damon stars as a rouge secret spy agent with chamelion like abilities who is running from the good guys and the bad guys at the same time. I was a big fan of the first 2 movies because of the realistic way they were shot and how they made me feel like I was there on the run the entire time too. Which is really an edge of your seat thrilling experience.

I don’t like most action films because of their overuse of violence and destruction for entertainment sake. I am not entertained but excessive voilence so I never saw those movies. But thriller type movies are more thinking type smarter movies that are not as violent and use reality as a backdrop and very real situations to further the plot. And The Bourne series is better than anyone else at that.

The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and now the Bourne Ultimatum are all great movies that give you an adrenaline rush even if you are not an adrenaline rush junkie. And with some marketing (with Google) and some advance photos and interviews this movie has gone big time. It hasn’t been marketing blasted on every bus and every billboard in town and yet by word of mouth the buzz about this movie has spread. One thing that never changes in marketing or advertising. If something really is groundbreaking, thrilling, amazing and succeds at impressing consumers beyond their expectations, they will talk about it. (blogging counts too) Word of mouth is still worth more than millions of dollars of advertising and it’s free. You just have to spend the money on making sure that the product is really amazing and great quality beforehand and the consumers will market it for you.

What I hate about most movies and a lot of the products out today is that they aren’t amazing, groundbreaking or impressive. They don’t even meet expectations let alone exceed them, and yet companies still expect consumers to buy them and spend billions forcing them down our throats with advertising on every surface and screen we encounter. Hey Hollywood: Make good quality movies that exceed our expectations, and only release a film when it is amazingly good, and you will make billions more than you do now. Flooding the market with sub-standard long-tail everyone can make a movie crap has fragmented the market and lessened the enthusiasm of the public for your product. Tighten up and limit the supply and make your movies truly remarkable and then demand for tickets will skyrocket. (much like the Bourne Ultimatum) At least that’s my opinion.


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