Buick best in Dependability, Makes Lexus Share JD Power award.

buickSuck it Toyota! 

Buick is #1 in Dependability tied with Lexus.

Ok, that said I do have some bias. I am someone who comes from a staunch GM car buying family and specifically within my parents, myself and brother we have owned 14 Buicks in the past 35 years.

I readily admit that GM got lazy in the 80’s, created ugly unreliable cars in the 90’s and in the has been too interested in short term revenue (sales) growth with SUV’s and Hummer Gas Guzzlers in the 00’s. Therefore they haven’t made many affordable, reliable, fuel efficient and attractive cars in the past 30 years. When I went through my last car buying process in 2004 I was so disenchanted with GM that I ended up with a used Saab 9-3. Which is GM, but really isn’t at the same time. The thing is, I just replaced that car’s turbo at 75K miles (for $1,600.00) so my advice is don’t buy a turbo 4 cylinder Saabeither. I have personally owned 2 Buicks (both regals) and I plan on buying another Buick in 2 years. (Yes, I have already decided on the LaCrosse)

Through all these years Buick has been a reliable car for my parents, myself and my family. We usually buy them used at 30K miles and run them to 130K within 5-7 years. They depreciate like a rock the first few years, so you get a 30K car for a very affordable 15K and then it just runs beautifully for the next 5-7 years with regular oil changes, brakes and tires. (Transmission fluid, spark plugs and coolant flushes are good to do every 40K miles as basic mantenance procedures on any car, and batteries usually only last 3-4 years in Chicago’s climate, so there is some maintenance cost over the years)  Basically we have loved these Park Avenues, Riveras, Regals, LeSabres, GS’s and LaCrosses for their luxury, comfort, reliability, dependability and latley their supercharged performance. Yet they also get 25 mpg on average. (hopefully Buick will develop engines towards 35-45 mpg soon too) These are great cars and I think more people should know about it.

buick lacrosseI have heard from people for yeeaaarrrrrss that Hondas and Toyotas are the better cars and they look down on people who don’t buy them. Well guess what? I don’t like Hondas or Toyotas. They are boring, bland, vanilla, uninteresting, basic, cheap cars. They feel cheap, they sound cheap, they have a rough uncomfortable ride, are very underpowered and slow, and yes they may run reliably also, but I don’t want one. And I don’t want people to rub my face in it that American cars are not as good as Japanese. Yes, as a whole the American car lot isn’t as good, but Buick is the exception, and I knew that personally decades ago. 

So, if you do want to support the American Economy, Support American Jobs and Support  your own transportation reliability, buy a Buick. I can say from experience with 14 Buicks that they are great cars and now JD Power and Associates validates our decsions and Buick as a premium luxury car brand with exceptional reliability. 

To anyone who thinks that Buick is for old people and grandparents or thinks that all American cars suck, You Are Wrong! Buick is a great car, made in the US and and is just as reliable as the Lexuses that so many people covet. So, if you are smarter than most Lexus buyers come on over and take a new look at a Buick.


3 thoughts on “Buick best in Dependability, Makes Lexus Share JD Power award.

  1. Ok, I admit they have had large cars for a long time, but hopefully they will be able to make them from lighter materials and more efficient engines soon. Buick is about saeting 4 people and full luggage comfortably, it’s what they do.

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. Greatly enjoyed your comments on the LaCrosse. Of course, we are biased, yesterday we put a deposit on a 2007 LaCrosse. But, that said, the evidence is strong that the quality is there. As someone who writes profesisonally on the economics of the auto industry, I know it is going to take a while to get folks to change their loyalty to Honda and Toyota. (BTW, your comments on them echo my thoughts exactly.)
    But, the U.S. industry is changing and let’s hoep the consumers discover it soon.
    Thanks aofr a great column.
    Bob Ebert

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