Tivo Commercial Rankings for June 2007

There are rankings for everything else, so there may as well be rankings for TV Commericals that get playback on Tivo. My thought is that this is meant to counter the advertiser’s fears that Tivo is only for avoiding commericals and that the Tivo watching audience never sees any of them. (the data is captured from 20,000 random units daily, much like comScore collects web traffic data) I also think that advertisers like to think of their commericals as entertainment rather than advertising. I have to agree that some commericals are very entertaining. (probably not worth developing a network sitcome with, but entertaining)

So, without further ado, the top 10 commercials tracked by Tivo in June 2007 are:

1.  Wendy’s Restaurant                  House          29-May      12.1

2.  Bank of America Consumer Services   House          29-May      12.0

3.  AT&T Wireless Service               House          29-May      12.0

4.  Warner Bros Oceans Thirteen Movie   House          29-May      11.6

5.  Diet Coke Soft Drink                House          29-May      10.4

6.  MetLife Var Insurance               House          29-May      10.2

7.  Apple iPod MP3 Player               House          29-May      10.1

8.  Buena Vista Ratatouille Movie       House          29-May      10.1

9.  St. Ives Swiss Frml Apricot Scrub   House          29-May       9.9

10. MGM Mr. Brooks Movie                House          29-May       9.4

What these numbers mean, I am not sure. I understand that ratings on TV viewership convert to a number (in millions) of how many people viewed the show. I am not sure how these multiply out, and they don’t really explian it in the release. What I also don’t understand is why most of the top five are in the top five. None of those companies have commercials or products that are particularly interesting or popular right now. It might be that they bought the spot in the pod right before or after the end of a segment and when people were stopping, fast forwarding or rewinding they caught the commerical in too. I could see movies, music, ipods and maybe a new burger from Wendy’s getting some stop and watch action, but not the Bank of America, AT&T or Met Life commericals. That smells fishy.


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