Cool Flying, Skydiving and Ultralight Rides

flying daysI have been going to Oshkosh for the EAA’s annual Fly-In for years. Since I was a kid actually. And I always wished I could be up there flying too, but I don’t have a pilot’s liscense and they are expensive to get considering the time it takes to complete all the courses and really learn to fly. So I was really excited today to find this site that is for a company that offers extreme experiences with airplane rides in vintage planes, aerobatic planes, hangliding, ultralights, microgliding and skydiving experiences. How cool is that. You can go for the day and get a beautiful scenic ride in a one of a kind airplane and see the world as you have never seen before. I got a ride in a Stearman on my 16th birthday and it was an amazing experience to go on a low altitude flight and see the land from above in such great detail. It’s like flying through google earth, but in reality. Check it out, you will have a great time. If you know someone who likes planes, this a flying days, flying experience gift certificate is a cool gift for them too.


One thought on “Cool Flying, Skydiving and Ultralight Rides

  1. Caught your blog posting — thanks for your support of EAA AirVenture. I hope you had the chance to join us this year at Oshkosh, and visit the new “Learn to Fly Center.”

    And you don’t have to sit on the sidelines! The best news is that through the new sport pilot license, the cost of learning to fly has come down by about 50 percent. It’s a great way to learn to fly safely, keep the cost down and join the rest of us who enjoy driving around the sky.

    If you’d like more information, check out or send me an e-mail.

    Dick Knapinski
    Oshkosh, Wis.

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