I have mentioned in previous posts that I am always excited to find new web sites and services and try them out in Beta. Its such a cool time when anyone can start up a web company and really do the things that only large companies with a lot of capital could do in the past. (The world reall is flat isn’t it?) One I found on an email alert a week or two ago was Animoto. They have a unique site that allows you to make slide shows that are cooler than slide shows. It has a lot of tools for manipulating the images that you would see in fancy editing for montages. In fact its less a slide show and more a montage that you end up making with the music, photos and effects all in a video form you watch. It looks as professional as some of what you see on TV. It’s pretty cool and way more sophisticated than regular old slide shows. Check them out and add them to your myspace and facebook pages.


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