Sphere Blog News

sphereI love finding new sites every day that provide new services and media on the web. It is such an exciting time to see the internet evolving every day and discover new things. One new site I found because it picked up some of my posts is Sphere. It is a service that publishers use (New York Times and TIME magazine) to crawl the web and find related blog posts that match the content of their articles online. This gives their readers somewhere else to go read about people’s thoughts on the topic and find more content. It is also cool because it seems to give all bloggers equal opportunity to get picked up and linked to from these large news sites. I didn’t get much traffic from it but I was pleasantly suprised to just be included. I may have gotten 10 visitors from the NYT pickup and 1 from TIME. But overall I don’t know if the goal is really traffic or discovery? So I think it’s cool, and if you are looking for a blog content widget for your site, Sphere would be a great one to look into.

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