Where is my clothing manufactured? China?

I am someone who is admittedly a geek about things, so since this uproar about everything being made in China and our economy suffering in a miriad of ways (the “world is flat” book has sent me into a tizzy) has been top of mind with me latley I looked into my own closet to see just how much clothing I owned from China. The thing is I was expecting it to be like 75% was made in China. If you count Hong Kong and China together (8 items each out of 59) it is only 26%. That is still the largest percentage of the pie, but there were a lot of countries I had been wearing on the labels of my clothing that I did not expect. Check out the list and see for yourself. My clothing was manufactured all over the world. It is more about flattening of the world for all nations than China I guess. Sorry for the shaky lines, excel doesn’t paste into wordpress, and tabbing across doesn’t work either.

Country    Items    Percent
China            8      13.56%
Hong Kong  8      13.56%
Guatemala    4        6.78%
India              4        6.78%
USA               4        6.78%
El Salvador   3        5.08%
Indonesia      3        5.08%
Mexico           3       5.08%
Philippines    3        5.08%
Turkey          3        5.08%
Cambodia      2        3.39%
England         2        3.39%
Bahrain          1        1.69%
Bangladesh    1        1.69%
Bulgaria         1        1.69%
Colombia        1        1.69%
Honduras      1        1.69%
Hungary        1        1.69%
Malaysia       1        1.69%
Moldova        1        1.69%
Peru              1        1.69%
Saipan (USA) 1      1.69%
Taiwan          1        1.69%
Vietnam        1        1.69%
Totals        59      100%


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