What kind of shopping woman are you?

The center for media research had an interesting email with some data yesterday about how women spend their money on clothing and accessories and the 4 archetypes of women shoppers by demographics. I found this interesting both as a marketing tool and looking at myself. I would have thought I was in the most conservative category (content responsibles), but my need to try new things before others to be in the know drives me into the natural hybrids category. Grr… no wonder I am always worried about money, I am always buying things and spending it. Need to reel in my spending a bit.

They say “According to a new online survey of over 3,000 women, ages 18-49, by AMP Agency, how a woman approaches shopping does not change as she grows older, shifts from life stage to life stage, moves from region to region, has children, or moves income brackets. A woman’s approach to shopping is very much part of who she is: “it is part of her DNA.”

  • The Content Responsibles (Practical, Loyal, Efficient)
  • The Natural Hybrids (Confident, Balanced, Classic)
  • The Social Catalysts (Social, Smart, Trendy)
  • The Cultural Artists (Creative, Impulsive, Adventurous)

It was also interesting to look at how much these groups spend both per person and per total as a target market each year on buying things.

  • Social Catalysts: 24 Million / Spending $153 Billion – A Social Catalyst $6,035 Annually
  • Natural Hybrids: 23 Million / Spending $133 Billion – A Natural Hybrid $5,383 Annually
  • Content Responsibles: 13.5 Million / Spending $70 Billion – A Content Responsible $4,778 Annually
  • Cultural Artists: 7.5 Million / Spending $62 Billion – A Cultural Artist will spend an average of $7,672 annually
  • Total: 67,560,586 Million / Spending $ 417,747,533,559 Billion

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