Midwest Storms & Floods Ruin Homes

I live in Chicago and it has been raining for the better part of the last 3 weeks. And the big storms that came through Chicago on Thursday took out the power of about 300,000 people in the area. I have many friends without power right now, and they say it will definitley be a week to fix most of it.

What is even worse than loosing power is loosing part of your home to flooding damage. I have heard about friends and neighbors who had just redone their basement with 30K worth of work and then it flooded and they lost it all. The insurance only covered 5K. That sucks. One way you can protect your basement is with a good sum pump and a backup sum pump with a generator in case your power goes out.

If you have done that then the last step is the B-Dry system especially if you have a french drain system. It is a patented sealing process with plastic polymers that has been used in thousands of homes to keep water out of your basement. With all these steps hopefully your basement will be protected no matter where you live.


2 thoughts on “Midwest Storms & Floods Ruin Homes

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  2. I am trying to find some articles about rebuilding in the Midwest after homes were destroyed by storms this winter. I am interested in comparing rebuilding in the Midwest to rebuilding in New Orleans and rebuilding in Southern California after the fires destroyed many homes.

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