Who is among us? New Site Tracker Widget

I was on LOL Cats, I can has cheezburger today. (chekin out my katz) And saw a little shiny widget showing how many people were on the site at that moment. It was like 1,700. Crazy, no wonder the download time is so slow! Well it is from a site new site that has a fun interactive tracker that shows this information for free. How companies can get the server space and bandwith to offer these little analytics packages is unknown to me. (why do analytics companies charge so much? soon we will all be analytics experts) So if you go to http://whos.amung.us and add your site, choose your colors and paste into the sidebar of your site or blog you can see how many people are there at any one moment. Kool huh? Next they will be offering website builds and hosting for free too. (sarcasm) 


2 thoughts on “Who is among us? New Site Tracker Widget

  1. Hi,
    You made this post on my birthday!!! But I just got the widget today and it is WEIRD to see people live on the site. I feel like mall security in the booth.

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