Blogs gaining more popularity – power to the people

I was reading an article today that cites that 80% of people know what a blog is and of that 80%, 50% (40% of the total) of them read them regularly. This was a survey of 1,000 people by Marketing Daily. It suprises me because a lot of what the web has produced as “the next big thing” over the past 5 years hasn’t lasted long. Remember Plaxo? Podcasting? RSS? Bloglines? PubSub? Furl? All these things had big buzz and we were sure that they would change our lives like Flickr did. They all still exist today in some form, some are very utilitarian like RSS which is still very important, but it didn’t change things like we thought. Blogging has changed what we read on the internet. It has allowed ordinary people to publish their views and information and compete in a relativley flat world with huge media companies. Never has this happened before. I think that newspapers and traditional media outlets are still utimatley more valuable as news sources though, because they have the staff to research, travel and report firsthand on news. All of us bloggers have an even playing field in the publishing side, but not the reporting yet. That is still something best done by the original reporters who become the source for news.


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