New Product Buzz and Marketing

I always love new stuff. (I can’t always afford to be buying new stuff, but that is beside the point.) And I can’t decide if it’s the discovery type kid in me or the marketer in me that goes “oooohhhh neat!” when I discover new cool stuff that I like. (and there is plenty that is new that I don’t like too.) Springwise is a newsletter that gives me updates to everything their spring spotters network finds. Some weeks its a hit and others its a miss with the newsletter but this week there were a few hits:

New women’s targeted drink from Heineken: Charli. It is a cider, which I liked a lot before I could stand beer, and its in a lot more girly of a bottle. (or unisex) 

And a new company called Halfshare that offers fractional ownership of second homes to share the investment risk and the reward.


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