Pharmaceutical Nation

I can’t figure out if we are a nation of people that are over advertised to and just take more meds than anyone else, or if we have the poorest health of anywhere in the world in regards to how little we take care of ourselves and therefore require more meds than anyone else.

I am thinking about all this because I realized with my appointment at the ear nose and throat doctor yesterday I got 2 more prescriptions in addition to 2 others I already had for other things. So I am a 32 year old female and already I am on 4 prescriptions daily. 3 for constant sinusitis and 1 for birth control which I take to control endometriosis pain.

What will it be like when I am in my 60’s? And I have heart medication, calcium bone loss meds and hormone therapy? Will I be able to afford all this? Will I have to keep working through retirement like my parents in order to pay for all this medical expense stuff?

I am not sure I am just marketed to a lot and have prescriptions for frivolous reasons, I really couldn’t function with sinus headaches 24/7 or constant endometriosis pain. How did people in prior generations deal with all this without the aid of these new drugs?


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