Amex Advertising Meme Time

I have thought for a while that Memes were an intresting improvisation on advertising, although it gets changed by every person it filters though. Here is a meme I found today on maiylah’s snippets blog. This one is actually from a piece of American Express ads (My life, My Card) that featured Ellen Degeneres, Kate Winslet and Tiger woods along with many other famous people and it asks them why they use AMEX. I think its cool that regular people want to fill this questionaire in, but Amex can’t be too happy that most people aren’t using Amex as the card they list. At least they are honest though… Here’s mine:

My Name: The Protagonist (sorry, I have to use aliases here)
Childhood Ambition: To be a dancer or a teacher. Neither worked out.
Soundtrack: Right now it seems to be Andrew Bird. Other times its Imogen Heap or Zero 7.
Retreat: Flickr picture viewing and hanging out with my cat.
Wildest Dream: Being a TopGear host or building an online media company.
Proudest Moment: Being good at my job, when those good moments of recognition happen.
Biggest Challenge: Keeping from getting sick all the time. My allergies are awful.
Alarm Clock: My cat walking on my head. He is relentless in his pursuit of breakfast.
Perfect Day: A sunny day with a bike ride with my boyfriend.
Indulgence: Cheesecake!
Last Purchase: A big load of groceries. Hopefully it will last the better part of this month.
Favorite Movie: Amilie
Inspiration: People who have worked their way up in the world from the bottom or from nothing.
My life is: Digital.
My card is: Master Card


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