Climate Change is Real and What you can do about it.

climate changeI still hear people sceptical about whether climate change and global warming is really happening, depite the movie the Inconvienent Truth showing the data that proves it is very real. This is frustrating because not only is it real, we need to change our energy consuming ways quickly in order to prevent total disaster with living conditions and our oil powered economy on earth. People are not will ing to make changes in their lives or their businesses unless they really believe.

I think that educating yourself by watching some informational videos online is a good start if you really don’t believe in the earth’s situation being in danger. The Solar channel on energy policy TV has a lot of information about solar power and how it can help us find a clean alternative to oil. Solar power is the only alternative resource that we have enough of to convert into electricity and replace the amount of power that is currently supplied by oil. (we don’t want to go back to horses and carriages do we?) We need to look into develping small and efficient solar systems that every home in america can afford, buy and install themselves to supply power. The same should be available for businesses. These future solar panels will power the world.


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