Google Update

I am not sure what is going on, but Google has changed things again. I went from getting 300-500 visitors on this blog per day, to now maybe 200 per day. My other blog site dropped from a peak of 300 visits Monday to 25 per day the rest of the week. What is happening with the algorithm now? Is this the page rank update that they were talking about? Has anyone else who has a web site seen the drop this week? Or has your traffic increased for seemingly no particular reason? I am curious about what other people have been seeing out there. I am always suprised that anyone at all reads my blogs, but when you get used to performing for an audience and the’re gone, it just isn’t as fun. Maybe things will adjust back again, but most likley I am just not aware of all that is going on or able to customize my blogs to the latest SEO relevance trends.


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