Ogilvy Is Rigging TV Shows « Agency Spy

Ogilvy Is Rigging TV Shows « Agency Spy

This is not suprising to find that a network paid an actor to go on a reality show pretending to be a contestant and trying to do crazy things in order to stir up controvercy and bump up ratings. It is sad that networks are so ruled by advertisers that they have to do these deceptive things just to make sure they get paid for the ad spots they sell. Or that they are that greedy that they want to make that much more money. I hate businesses that make bad decisions about deceptive and unethical ways to increase revenue and sales. It happens every day and over time they always loose. Either it comes out like this or people just abandon the products when it no longer meets their needs or is poor in delivering what is promised. If you work for a big company (media or otherwise) bite the bullett and admit when you have a faling product or an unrealistic sales target that won’t be met.  Just admit it didn’t work and move on. There is no point in trying to decieve the public. They will just find out anyway.


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