Rainy Day Marketing Ideas

It was puring rain this morning as I got off the train and had to walk 5 blocks to work. I always carry an umbrella because it has a habit of raining without warning when I am away from my car and home downtown. So my head and upper body stayed dry, but the driving rain made sure that from my knees down I was soaked. My shoes squished with water and my cuffed jeans will surely not be dry before I have to go home tonight.

What I wonder is if there isn’t an idea here for a way you could get temporary shoes or better covering umbrellas somewhere in a pinch? I have flip flops in a drawer here at work, so that’s what I will be wearing all day today, but my pants change color at the knees and will be wet for a long time to come. Maybe a vending machine at train stations for a cheap plastic, but big umbrella that covers you completley. Maybe galoshes? Something? It’s just frustrating that in this day and age we still are walking around getting soaked because we have to walk to work because there is no parking downtown. Sometimes we thing we have technologically evolved past the inconvieniences of weather and can live a uniform and productive life, and then mother nathure show us that she can still ruin everything whenever she wants.


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