My Blog Stats

I am always amazed by how many people ready my blogs. (including you) I don’t know you personally, and I am not a professional writer or media property, yet you find my writing interesting enough to read. And it even seems to be international now. One of the terms I see listed as a search engine term people have used to find my blog is “das bourne ultimatum”. That means someone most likley in Germany is searching and after going through a bunch of search results (because I don’t rank all that high) they clicked and came here to read my review. It also suprises me that even though I blog a lot about straight marketing and media topics, the most popular posts I have are about the marketing of the Simpson’s Movie, The Bourne Ultimatum and Californication. How interesting is that? Maybe it has to do with people accepting anyone’s opinion about what makes a movie popular and less accepting of someone’s un-named marketing advice? I guess putting my name on the blog would have more transparency, but blogging isn’t something my employer condones, in fact I don’t think any of them I have worked for do. And I want to be able to speak freely so I do it without my name. In general though the search traffic has continued to pick up again, as the blog directories have dropped off as I removed my links and memberships.

Update: The traffic has picked up at the other blog finally. I ahve no idea what change helped or didn’t help. It’s always trial and error I guess. I can’t link to it from here too often because they think I am trying to pass page rank. Hah. So go see chicago weekend fun dot com without the link.


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