Another new site project – Political Blog 

I have started another blog on the 2008 presidential candidates and election since it is a topic I find myself talking and reading about every day. I originally bought the URL and set up the hosting for my boyfriend who is an avid political junkie. But alas when he got wind that he had to blog as work (well not really but regularly), rather than complain for fun he decided he didn’t want it anymore. Then I was left with a hosting cost for a year at least and no one wanted to blog it. Grr… So I am going to try and write it myself, although I am not as politically involved as he is. I wish he wasn’t so lazy about these things and realized that one of the few unique things you can do in this country is speak freely about the government if you have an opinion. And he doesn’t want to use it. Oh well, tune in over at for political ideas and discussion in relation to the presidential primaries and election in 2008.  


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