Don’t accept invites from Quechup – It’s a Spam Engine

I have heard twice this weekend that Quetchup is an email Spam Engine disqused as a social network. Scoble and Read Write Web have both said they have had bad experiences with it in the past week.  I too got an invite from a friend, but had not accepted due to the fact that I have been too busy with work and blogging to get into figuring out what it was. I am glad that my chance I missed the bullett on this one. I hate that overly aggressive greedy web site owners and marketers take advantage of people’s trust like this. How can you trust a site to keep your information private when they have done something so obviously epliotative for their own gain? If I didn’t know better I would guess someone I used to work for is running that thing based on the lack of respect they are giving consumers and their privacy. But I know better than to name names.


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