If you’re sick do your coworkers a favor and go to a doctor

I have been sick on and off a lot over the past year, but most recently I was sick with a coughing type cold virus. The thing was almost everyone here got it, so I am not sure if I brought it in or if I got it from them. Basically you don’t get a runny nose, just a ton of post nasal drip. And you cough all the time. Well I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago, got some antibiotics and have been getting better. (although I know too many antibiotics isn’t good) And although we have an urgent care center that is $35.00 to go to from our insurance coverage about 3 blocks down the street, I don’t think anyone else has gone to see a doctor. The girl that sits next to me has been hacking all last week and this morning it isn’t any better. Every 30 seconds its cough cough cough. How can you work with that kind of constant disruption? Why can’t she just stay home? or go see a doctor? Evry time she coughs she is spreading more virus germs thorugh the air here. And more people are getting sick. Great, the whole office will be near death soon with illness. Nothing is going to get marketed then.


One thought on “If you’re sick do your coworkers a favor and go to a doctor

  1. I always take time off when I get sick (I just can’t concentrate)… problem is, I run out of sick days before half the year is over. 😦 But, isn’t the most infectious periods the days before and after you are actually sick?

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