New site, widget, platform for organizing your life online

siphsMany people belong to Delicious or Furl in order to archive their links in an organized way. Twitter, Pounce and Jaiku are great for a different reason. The are microblogging platforms, where you can post snippets from your phone or computer on what you are doing that moment as often as you want. Siphs combines both with a place to archive and store your favorite sites and a way to publish updates and share information. I think social networking continues to grow as people find ways to combine services and functions on sites. This is just the next evolutionary step. With generation Y pretty much living online, they demand it! Adsense is also availble on these pages of which you can revenue share with them and get a cut of the revenue from. Although you have to get a lot of traffic before that can add up.

Siphs – A more convenient way to share links

siphs site social networking


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