The Saddest thing…

I was just out at lunch and saw the saddest thing ever. A girl was sitting on the sidewalk with a sign asking for donations because she was poor and or homeless. What mad the sight even more sad was that she had a small wheely carrier for a pet and she had an orange cat in her lap. It is sad already to see people on the brink of survival begging for money every day, and when you see this girl and her cat, who has no control over the situation it is even more sad. Why can’t there be some kind of saftey net in this country for them? Why do people have to rely on the generosity, charity and donations of others when our government could help them in a manageable way. Her cat reminded me of my cat and I felt shocked and sad at the same time. It stopped my mission to do some fall clothing shopping immediatley. I just thought any clothes that would be new for the season didn’t really matter when survival is really the game here. And I just went back to work. Whoever that girl is, can someone please give her a job and help get her back on her feet. And that will help the poor cat too. I can’t even imagine what will happen to both of them in the Chicago winter.


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