Voice Message Marketing

messageBusinesses are always looking for new ways to reach customers, and customers are always looking for new ways to stay in touch. Vontoo voice messaging is a new way that both can be happy. Technology brings us great things and helps keep people connected and send messages in faster more relevant ways.  The Vontoo voice message system allows you to send voice audio messages to a group of people in an automated way. One success story they have is about a religous group that wanted to stay connected in every day life. They were able to send daily faith update messages to their members phones who had opted in for recieving them. It was an efficient way to send messages about their relocation and other information while people were not at the church during the week. This could be applied to any social activity group that wants to keep in touch over long distances or between meetings. In fact with upcoming elections I could see volunteers and voters messaged this way too. Although it would only be applicable if someone had said that they would like to opt in for the messages. You can’t send messages by phone to someone who hasn’t. The telemarketers can’t call these days either with the no call list. So it is important to remember the laws and rules with using the phone as a marketing tool for your organization. Vontoo has a 30 day free trial running now, so it might not cost anything to try it once and see if this would help you too.


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