WalMart gets a new tagline: Save Money Live Better

WalMart has gotten a new tagline for their brand for the first time in 19 years. Many brands keep their taglines for many years, this is common because who wants to go out and redefine their brand every year? You create all new creative, but usually the tagline stays the same. Unless your image or brand has shifted and changed so much that the old one is no longer applicable or in this case, you need a new image. (desperatley)

The new tagline is: “Save Money. Live Better.”

It is direct, to the point and shows the direct benefit of saving money on the household items that everyone needs. Their agency did their homework. It has to be pretty straight forward for Wal Mart since their shoppers and workers aren’t known for being particularly intellectual. But it should still inspire goodness and purpose of the brand, of which this tagline does well too. It tries to make the very real point that if you save 15% on your every day stuff you can afford to have more stuff, and in America that means you are living better.

Or so you think.

The thing about WalMart is that everything is a game with them. They are always lying and trying to trick you. I hate that about them and that is why I do not shop there. They sell you a slogan about more value and better quality of life while they are contracting with the companies that provide things at the lowest cost possible (which always brings in the lowest quality possible) and they treat their workers and subcontractors lower than dirt especially in the pay and benefits areas (which is declining their quality of life).

They also advertise the lowest prices in these big bins in the middle of the isles (of which you can’t even walk though) and then mark up the stuff higher than other retailers that is on the shelves in the isles. You think that because the bins are labeled lowest price anywhere that everything in the store is. BUT IT IS NOT. They routinley charge more than other stores for non-sale merchandise and non-promotional merchandise, and fatten their profit margins further taking advantage of people who are told they are saving money.

I guess the moral to the story is, when someone tells you that you’re saving money you are probably not. Why else would they have to tell you? Wouldn’t you just notice? Always check the real prices (write them down if you have to) and compare to get the best deal in reality. Don’t trust anyone trying to sell you something, because they have a personal motive to tell you whatever you need to hear to get you to buy. It’s your money, you worked hard for it. Don’t just hand it over willingly.

Also, WalMart is known for abusing the American consumer’s psyche (or lack of detail tracking in their finances) by getting people to buy more by saving more. That doesn’t make sense does it? But when people save 15% on items at WalMart or any discount store, statistically they don’t put it in the bank. They spend the same actual dollar amount that they would have before, if not more. They think they can just get more stuff. And it’s not like we need more stuff. It is just that we want more stuff, and when we feel like it is at a lower cost and saving us money we actually buy more. Sad isn’t it? This is what is crippling this country. Consumer debt. Because retailers and every sales person in America is decieving us and lying to us with sneaky promotions and clever marketing. People owe more money than ever before, and we as a country produce less than ever. The U.S. economy has only grown based on home loans and mortagages (real estate debt growth), and now that this growth is over, consumer debt is the area that companies will be targeting.

Why? Because they know it is easier to swindle an American consumer than it is to develop new technology and products to sell to other countries at a competitive cost. And American companies work on the lowest common denominator. They know China has us beat. So while China is producing all the clothing, food and plastic items and Japan produces all the cars, the only thing America produces right now is stupid gullible consumers that spend money they don’t have. And WalMart offers direct access to them for all the foregin countries to take advantage of. What happens to the U.S. economy when we produce nothing, so there are no jobs and people have no money to buy this junk anymore? And Oil is scarce and expensive. We are going to end up in another great depression. And it is all the American Business CEOs’ faults for screwing us so they could personally make millions.


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