Leep & HPV

I am not blogging as much about Marketing and Advertising this week, but it seems that these other topics are worth mentioning.

In June I found out I had the early stages of Cervical Cancer. I had a Leep procedure done and they were lucky that it had not spread far yet and they were able to get it all without a really invesive procedure or surgery. When I was going through all this it was scary because not much is known about HPV and how it is transmitted. Yes, they say though sexual contact, but latley there have been a lot of research articles citing that it is found on people’s hands andmay be transmitted that way too.

Today I found out a good friend had the same thing happen to her. And I am sure that there are thousands of others just like us. But we didn’t tell anyone because we were scared people would judge us. We thought people would think we were premiscuous people even though we are not. We are both actually from very conservative Catholic backgrounds.

Well I just wanted to say publicly that I had this, and I have no idea how anyone would or could prevent it, and it raises your risk of throat cancer, head and neck cancers, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer and of course Cervical Cancer. So, basically we don’t know how much of the cancer epidemic in the world is caused by this virus. It could be a significant amount.

We just think people should stop judging and being harsh on people who get HPV and have a beginning stage of Cervical Cancer or the full blown Cancer. Instead we need to do what other diseases have done like AIDS and Breast Cancer, and just talk about it. It’s not something to judge someone on. Just raise the awareness that the vaccine against HPV could save your life from something you would otherwise not know you could get but could silently kill you in 25 years. There are no signs of the HPV I have, and there are no signs of cancer until a lesion or tumor is found. There is also no way of stopping the virus from ravaging your body except cutting it out bad cancer cells out of your body when they turn up. Do a favor for your kids life and get them vaccinated so they don’t have to worry about this like our generation does. It’s not about promiscuity at all, it is something they could catch shaking hands, and we need to protect them.


3 thoughts on “Leep & HPV

  1. I hear what you are saying totally…I am 30 years old and have undergone 2 LEEP procedures. This cervical cancer crap is horrid. I had my first procedure at the age of 15 and let me tell you, I never even had sex so it blows my mind when they say you get cervical dysplasia/HPV by sexual contact!! The only reason why I was checked was because my sister was diagnosed with as well and because of my mother’s medical history! Two years ago, again I underwent the same surgery and now that I am 30, I can’t get pregnant–this blows! I understand that the LEEP procedure can cause your cervix to become weak but I haven’t menstruated in over a year and I fear going to a new physician to hear the inevitable. I’ve never talked or written about it and I agree with you, it’s because I fear judgement and the truth of infertility. Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging others to speak up!

  2. i need help… i’ve had two colposcopies and i’m on my way to have my 2nd LEEP!! i’m not sure what to do.. or why this is happening to me.. any thoughts?


  3. Nobody knows why this happens to them.

    The best advice I can give is to not have an intimate relationship with anyone who has a relationship past with other people.

    That is the only way to avoid this.

    If you already have HPV there is nothing you can do except keep removing it in larger and larger sections.

    If you have not had any intimate relations yet and don’t have HPV yet, get the vaccine.

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