New Women’s News and Health Site

 sites I am amazed all the time at the number of really professional sites that I find with good content. (no wonder newspapers are worried, other people can write too) and I ran across the’s Body and Soul site that had a good article about HPV, of which I posted about earlier today. They also focus on providing a lot of articles on staying healthy and women’s fitness. Which I am interested in also. I also really like the look of this site. It has a wall street journal feel to the interface and everything is easy to navigate and find. The information and writing is good too, but I have found that there is a lot of good writing  out there. You can also read comments from the community and comment on ideas and stories yourself. Of which I think is great, being a blogger. I always like it when media is willing to interact with real people. It shows that they are in touch with reality and want to know what we, the readers, think too. I will add this to my daily list of sites to visit, because it is a great site with news and info that I can really use.



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