Yet another new cool site: Blognation

I keep finding more new cool sites, so I am still going to post about them. At some point I may have to cut back on my rss reader again when I have too many feeds that I can’t keep up with, but there are a lot of great blogs out there that may not get the attention that they deserve and I am liking them.

Blognation is a great blog about where web 2.0, technology, media and consumers meet. All their articles looked interesting to me about new companies, new apps, new tech gadgets and new consumer feedback about products and technology. I think that is a great benefit that companies don’t always recognize in a web 2.0 universe. You get feedback from those early adopter customers that are willing to test things for you and help you work out issues that would otherwise take a few years to find and modify about your product. It isn’t saying you shouldnt do QA testing, but the success of the product can be determined pretty quickly and if it isn’t right you can change it before it’s too late.

Anyway back to blognation…they are pretty cool, and check them out if you want to geek out.


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