Flickr and Web 2.0 Changes over time

I was eating breakfast this morning while looking at the poster I have on my fridge. It was from Krazydad circa 2004-2005 era when I was new to flickr and everyone was. We were ther just as much for the photos as we were there for the social interaction. I remember what a fun time that was. You were just so excited that someone saw your photo of whatever you posted and they commented that they had one too. People were so genuinley interested in seeing what daily life looked like in other parts of the world and what other people thought about things. They were so happy that they would post activities and groups for things like pictures of a circle within a square and as simple as that is, people would all find their own creative interpretation of it and post it to the group. Krazydad was cool in putting them all together in a poster so we could revel in the creative social networking when we were offline too. It was fun and buzzy and no one was trying to sell anything, just have a good time.

Phyllotaxy Poster, 72dpi

A lot has changed with social networks and Flickr in the mean time. Now everyone would like to be selling something even if they aren’t. A lot of spammers have gotten into them (although its hard to leverage something like flickr for spam) and really changed how people percieve new interactions from people they don’t know. They have made everything a marketplace and every interaction a cold call. Plus companies have started buying ads all over the pages and adsense and banners has corrupted the clean white space.

Still I looked back at that poster with appreciation for everyone who took part even though I never met any of them. And thankful that I got to be a part of it before it became poaching grounds for products and phishing. But it would be nice to get back to that time again someday and keep it free of ads and selling for a little longer than we did this time.


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