Chicago Business Blogging Conference

Today we were blessed with a visit of some colleagues from another office half way across the country. They exclaimed when they arrived (in a very noisy and disupting fashion) that there were no Hotels in Chicago because there is some Blogging conference going on this week. (What does that mean they have to sleep on someone’s couch?) And why would bloggers get together in person? Can’t that be achieved online? And they all laughed heartilly at their assumed clever wit.

Yea, let’s all pick on the bloggers shal we?

And people wonder why I don’t put my name on this blog or any blog I author. There is still some weird social backlash to people who want to go online and have something to say there. We’re weird and somehow scandalous and creepy to them. What do they think we write about? Pron? Why are they so averse to writing? Is it that unthinkable that anyone outside a newsroom would have something to say to the world?

I can’t explain what blogging is to most my relatives and if they have ever seen a blog, they can’t tell the difference between a blog and flickr, digg and Wikipedia. Ok, some people are just stupid, but mostly people don’t understand the internet. Which is unexcusable in today’s day and age. Where do you live? And do they not have power there? Why else would you not own a computer? Why else would you not know how to use anything except Google and Email? 

I think if you don’t know anything about the internet except those 2 things, you don’t have the right to judge other people nor to have any authority about the internet in general. In fact those people who probably still forward email jokes from 1996 should not be allowed to talk about the internet ever. Because it’s obvious they have nothing of value to add.


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