New Network TV Schedule

I was listening in to a webcast about the new TV schedule for media planning today and saw they had some handy-dandy schedule graphics that show when all the new shows will be on this fall. I know some schedules change and move shows around, but generally this should be good to print out and keep on the fridge for easy reference to see what is on TV tonight. But if you have cable, that is another chart somewhere else. These were just free network TV shows. I think it is interesting that they mentioned that this summer Cable as a whole had more viewers than the Free Networks. In fact it was 2 times the viewers as free TV. When did that happen? It also gets me that cable makes you pay 50 or 75 bucks a month upfront to get access to the shows, and then they sell advertising on them for commericals too. So they make money on the consumer and the advertiser. That doesn’t seem fair. I wish they would just open up cable for free. I don’t understand why you should have to pay for it, when they make billions off the commercials already. It just seems like a rip-off.

Anyway, my network dropped all internet connections 1/2 way through so I only got 2 schedules. So here is ABC and CBS: (all times are EST, move an hour back for CST)

ABC Fall TV Show Schedule

CBS, Fall, Shows, Schedule, TV


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