Would you buy a plugin electric car?

plug in, hybrid, car, GM, voltApparently 25% of people polled said they would buy a plugin hybrid car. A plugin hybrid would enable you to plug into an electrical outlet (if you have a garage) and recharge the battery cells overnight or when the car is not in use. This would keep your gas consumption even lower than it is when the car generates the electricity it runs on. Depending on the speeds you drive, you may never need to go off the electric motor. That would be a cleaner car than what we have available now.

GM flaunted the VOLT after they yanked the EV-1 off the streets in a mean and unethical way. I wonder about the VOLT’s future and if indeed they will produce it before we run out of oil. Especially since they still seem so intent on selling Hummers and other oil abuse vehicles. I would first like to be able to afford a place with a garage. This is unlikley because near the city of Chicago in Oak Park this would mean I would have to buy a 350K or higher priced house. And that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Then if I did have a garage by miracle, I would like to buy a car like this too. I guess I am in that 25% of people who would buy one.


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