New TV Season Premier Week

I will be trying to review the shows I can catch this week on the blog here. I am interested to see what can hold my cynical attention span and what won’t. I am also curious how many people will be watching them online this year. Most all the free networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) have said they will make shows either viewable or downloadable from online. What I wonder is if people will use this as their primary way to see shows or if it will be the backup when something better was on last night and they didn’t buy a tivo to record everything. I have a feeling that people use online viewing in a few ways. One, as a primary way to see things on networks they don’t recieve for some reason. Second, as a secondary viewing for shows that didn’t make the cut in real time last nigh but people will be talking about them so you still have to know what happens. Third, as a time waster either at work or at home, a way to justify procrastinating on those things in life that you really should be doing.

So as for what this means to the networks? Keep selling ads on these TV shows online, because it increases your reach and crossover with different audeinces, and increases the number of eyeballs each advertiser gets. So hopefully it increases convience for the viewers and money for the networks at the same time.


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