Value for your dollar

I do post about a lot of consumerist topics here even though I am a marketer and this is supposed to be a marketing and advertising blog most of the time. I think my background in work helps me see through the sales ploys and marketing tactics and see what the real value is. I’m not stupid, and I won’t be taken advantage of by big fat corporations.

Today for example, I was at the mall because my brother had to buy some new clothes for work, and he needs a lot of help putting things together. (yes really) so I go and look around at the women’s section of the Gap where he is buying shirts and sweaters and see a cute Green T-Shirt with a square neck and this gathered look across the front that seems all the rage now. The Gap wanted 25 bucks for a short sleeved T-Shirt. I knew that was a bit much, so I put it back and low and behold I ran across the same T-Shirt in Grey at Ann Taylor Loft on the sale rack for $6.99. So I am glad I put the first one back and bought the second one, because it was 18 dollars less for the same thing.

It’s not consistent between stores though, I saw courderoys at the ann taylor loft for $59.00 (yikes, they’re just pants!) and I bought almost the same kind at old navy at 50% off last week and they were $14.00. So, you have to make those decisions on a piece by piece basis and not fall in love with any one store.

When you are shopping here are some tips to use to save money:

1. Don’t shop for something you have to have because of some event or something coming up. It fixes your timeframe and if there isn;t a deal you will have to pay double or tripple what it is really worth because of the deadline. Always plan ahead a month or two so you can walk away if the price isn’t right.

2. Go shop on weeknights so it’s not crowded and you can look through sale racks. They are always in the back of the store hidden (despite the sale signs on the windows) so you fall in love with the more expensive stuff up front that you have to walk past on your way in.

3. If something is dirt cheap and available in more than one color, or a basic thing you will wear until it falls appart, buy 2. It’s cheaper than trying to find it again later and paying more.

4. Buy stuff at the end of the seasons so you can put it away for next year.

5. Knock off stores are your friend. H&M, Target and Old Navy are a big part of my wardrobe now a days because I have decided I can’t afford 100 dollar pants and 100 dollar sweaters anymore. I would rather put that money towards paying off my morgage faster or invest it and make some more money there. It’s just smart living. 


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