Morning Show, Today and CBS Evening News

I was interested to see how this Meridith Viera and Katie Couric swap would work out on morning TV. I agreed that they were both top of their respective segments in broadcasting and were both looking to move on to the next pay grade and promotion after a long time in their respecive jobs. What I think happened is that people had certain impressions of both and it didn’t transfer well to each of their new roles. I see Meridith on about 1/2 the time in the morning and she is not as quick, perky or awake as Ann Curry who usually fills in for her. Plus Ann Curry and Matt Lauer have a better on camera rapport. Plus it always seems like the other hosts of the Today show are making jokes at Meridith’s expense. Why they won’t accept her, I don’t know. Katie on the other hand has been turned into more of a robot than I think she would like to be, and CBS is actually a network for old people by old people, so she would have done better anywhere else. CBS viewers want to see someone old up there and they don’t care for Katie. I don’t know if there is a way back for both of them or a way forward to something new, but neither are doing well in their current positions and should consider an exit strategy.


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