Bitch Magazine – New pop culture read

My friend Meg recommended Bitch Magazine as a good entertaining somewhat thoughtful and very angsty read. I have not subscribed yet, but I am curious about it. The thing is it has “feminism” written all over it.  And I am not a feminist. I am an equalist. So yes, I can be a bitch, but I don’t just live in that mode. It’s only when warranted. And I don’t hate the world and all the girly stuff that sometimes limits women into a male dominated situation or limits her own opportunity.

I enjoy being girly to a point and smart all the time. I don’t think that because I am smart that I can’t enjoy a good shopping magazine too once in a while. (in Style) although instead of buying stuff, I will most likley just look at it and then forget about it. I don’t think men are the enemy, I think giant corporations and ruthless CEOs are the enemy (and sometimes China’s economy). The second they make a magazine about how to fight back about that I am going to subscribe instantly.


2 thoughts on “Bitch Magazine – New pop culture read

  1. One of the magazine’s founders is advocating for a feminism that is more about gender and power than about it being a “girls club” (see the new Fall 2007 issue of Ms. Magazine for that comment) Have you ever heard of the blog “eminism” (Emi Koyama)?? The person behind that has been interviewed for Bitch on the issue of the Michigan Womyn’s Festival’s controversial women born womyn admission and participation policies. Your friend is right about the magazine. I have been reading BITCH since about 2000 and it never disappoints me. I consider myself and “equalist,” too, and have actually been a subscriber since 2003. I say give it a “shot!”

  2. as far as i know, the name of the magazine is not meant to advocate for being “bitchy” all of the time or ever, more of a point about how smart women and women who speak up are sometimes called a bitch.

    so don’t get too hung up on the cover and fail to really dig into what’s inside. it’s always a really excellent read, even though i only agree with maybe half of the articles in a given issue. more to the point, it always makes me question my thinking and gives me new things to think about, which ain’t bad for a magazine.

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