New Cool Web 2.0 Sites

I am always running accross new sites that do neat things on the internet, check these out for some fun this weekend:

Kaneva – discover an engaging 3D world where your media, online entertainment and imagination come to life. Create a profile, unique 3D avatar, 3D home and teleport “in-world” to explore and connect with others.

MocoSpace – you can meet new friends and stay in touch with old friends anytime–anywhere, directly from your mobile phone. It’s a social community made up of more than a million registered users in the US and around the world. Sign-up is quick and best of all, it’s free. Stay connected while on-the-go, all the time.  It’s myspace for your phone.

Auction Pal – selling your “stuff” has never been so easy. Have an item you want to sell? Find out how much it’s worth with auctionPAL’s calculator. Don’t stop there! To help make selling easy, auctionPAL has three different services, each designed to meet the needs of a different type of seller. Just pick the one that’s right for you. Could this be the next Ebay?

GrayBoxx – search locally for the top neighbor-recommended businesses and services. Grayboxx’s innovative technology translates the everyday interactions people have with businesses into meaningful expressions of popularity and quality. This has been tried before, local search never works. But yet they want to try it again…good luck guys.


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