TV Premier Week update

I promised to review some of the new TV shows I have been able to catch this week on TV. I don’t have cable, so free TV is it for me. This stuff is what I have as an option or I am stuck with Netflix and the Internet. But then again sometimes my cat is the best entertainment ever. I don’t get much CBS coverage since the signal in Chicago is weak and I usually hate their shows anyway. I also rarely watch FOX because they go with lowest common denominator programming and a lot of sports and their signal is weak and fuzzy as well. If you are a TV exec or work for a network and are reading this, remember I am a 32 yr old single female yuppie professional. So these opinions are pretty related to that demo only.

Bionic Woman: Every critic has said this show either sucks or will not catch on. I don’t know why. I liked it. I got a very Alias feel from it and liked the discovery phase of not knowing what capabilites she has and the decision to embrace them. It feels very Alias to me. I hope people do watch it. It also has the whole action comic book thing going on too. Female heroines are very popular right now. Don’t count this one out.

Dirty Sexy Money: I thought this was good, but predictable. I think it is because it has been pretty heavily promoted and almost the entire pilot has been shown in bits on commericals and clips on the net. I think it will get better in the next few eps.

Dancing with the Stars: This is always interesting to me because I used to dance. I am always interested to see who is good and who sucks out of their element. I do think that the costumes are rediculous though.

Gossip Girl: A sometimes painfully obvious soap oera for teens. I think it will do well with the Teen Demo, but not much else.

Beauty and the Geek: I like this show even though apparently the ratings aren’t doing so well. I think they should keep going with it and I hope people keep watching.

Chuck: Again not much suprise when the entire plot of the pilot was in commericals but I think it has legs. A good combo of geekery and spy stuff. Comedy and Action drama stuff. And the word “nerd herd” is now part of the american vernacular.

Boston Legal: Always a pleasure to see. Always suprising and funny. This week’s closing arguement was a bit weak though. Need to keep good writers on this show that can feed James Spader good stuff.

Private Prctice: Ok show, although some shockingly awkward moments were so weird I had to change the channel. (guy dies while trying to submit sperm for artificial insemenation of girlfriend and exwife and girlfriend spend the entire show arguing over posession of dead guy’s sperm, while new doctor gets aclimated to practice with other Dr’s that didn’t know she was coming to work there) It’s a bit much over the top not believable sometimes. But than again that was the same problem I had with Grey’s Anatomy. But Kate Walsh is good. I like her a lot despite her not being able to dance really. (that was painfull too despite her being really pretty)

The Bachelor: Bad. Bad. Bad. This should have been canceled years ago. Please cut this show ASAP. Only the lowest intelligence women watch this show.

Heroes: I am not a fan of the premise of this show so I can’t really watch it. I am sure people will tune in though, people in my office were going home early to get ready to watch it, and talked about it the next day.

Cavemen: I am not giving this show the recognition of watching it.  It’s Stupid.

What did you think of all the shows you have watched in premier week? Any predictions on what will get cut?


5 thoughts on “TV Premier Week update

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  2. The premiere of House was good. The premiere of HIMYM was okay (NPH was awesome). Pretty much how TV Gal said it would be. NCIS is back with an awkward twist. I watch Bones on-and-off — the season premiere was okay; it’s a bit like Crossing Jordan where they are reinventing the characters to keep the show fresh. Makes me wish that some shows would just have a run at it, declare an end outright, and end the show after n number of seasons. Sure, you have this audience, but why can’t you make a new show? For example: JAG to NCIS — not a spin-off from main characters, but an entirely new show. I guess networks like to bleed everything bone dry. So be it.

    Watched the pilot of Bionic Woman on-demand. A bit like Dark Angel, isn’t it? I don’t remember Dark Angel much because I only caught a few episodes; but, whatever. I’m going to say it’s all the same: Dark Angel, Bionic Woman, 24, Alias, what-have-you. Don’t think I can get into this show because it doesn’t seem to go anywhere, but I’ll try a few episodes.

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  4. I never watched dark angel, so Im not sure how that one was. I was a big alias fan before it jumped the shark. I am not sure why you said it doesnt go anywhere. I think as she discovers her new capabilities and the gov needs her to do things there are a ton of conflicts and resolutions to explore while the plot stuff goes on about the missions.

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