Recycle your old cell phone

I think everyone is aware of the fact that a lot of the modern convieniences we enjoy today are really bad for the planet. I don’t think anyone had any idea what we were destroying when industrialization took hold and we kept finding better ways to live and do things through technology. We just accepted that cars made it easy to get places quickly, plastic bottles kept things fresh without breaking when dropped and cell phones allowed you to call someone from anywhere. It was progress right? And we all enjoyed the dawn of the new technology era not knowing what we would leave behind or how it would affect the planet.

Cell phones for example. You might not think this is a problem because you don’t buy a ton of them and they’re really small right? The cell phone companies sell about 33 Million phones in the US per QUARTER. This leds us to a total of 132 Million cell phones every year. (And this grows every year) And every time they sell a new one an old one goes out of use. Where do they go? Because many are outdated or broken the majority end up in the garbage. This is bad news for our landfills. Cell phones are not biodegradeable in any way since they are made from plastic and metal. They just sit there for an eternity. Wouldn’t it be better to collect them and recycle them? Maybe at the store when you are buying a new one? To trade it in for 5 bucks off and then they make sure they are sent to a recycler? I think that would be a great idea and far more sustainable.

Wirefly offers cell phone recycling and they are the only cell phone selling company I have seen that does this. I have personally have had 4 cell phones since 1999. 3 Nokias and 1 Treo. I am still using the treo but when it wears out someday I will send it in to be recycled. It is far better than it laying around in my home or piling up in a landfill that is overflowing already.


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