Feb 17, 2009 Analog TV ends – Digital Converter Boxes

Do you still only watch analog free network TV like me? Do you either not have the money or the need for Cable? Well only about 20% of households are like mine in that they don’t have cable but that apparently amounts to around 70Million people. Yes, there is still some frugality in this blingy world. What the rest of us have to do is either buy a new Digital TV or buy an adapter for your existing TV when the analog signals are shut of forever on February 17, 2009

Digital TVs have been around for a while but if you haven’t bought a new HDTV flat screen lately yours probably isn’t going to be set for this. I have a 27 inch TV bought in 2002 that still seems new to me. I don’t want to get rid of it so I am going to have to find an adapter. What I don’t know is where to find these adapters? I could benefit from them right now.

In Chicago the digital broadcasts that are free have more channels available that I would like to see. Like 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11 all have variations with decimals in the channel number. 5.0 is regular, 5.1 is wide-screen, 5.2 is high def and 5.3 is a special channel with just breaking news and weather 24/7. Same with the others. Channel 9 has a music video channel called Tube that just does an old school MTV 24/7 and Channel 11 has a Spanish language version and a just do it yourself channel called Create with all house, cooking, gardening and craft shows all day and night.

So, where are the adapters? Why don’t I see anyone selling digital-to-analog converter boxes?

I think they are not producing them on purpose. They want to force people into buying a new TV for $1,000.00 rather than a converter for $100.00. It’s all on purpose to not tell people until the last minute and have the only option be the expensive one. Well guess what? Those 20 Million that have no cable and may not buy a new TV? They all have the internet. I even have netflix. I predict that they will just loose the TV all together and get all their news and entertainment via the internet (and netflix) if they don’t want to get dicked around by the electronics makers. It’s their loss, not mine.


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